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Media Releases
VanWineFest typically issues 10 or more news releases over the course of the festival. Releases are emailed to journalists in our database and they are simultaneously published online.

Email Updates
In addition to press releases, we send informal email updates to local media. These updates keep media informed on sell-outs and other developments at the festival. The informal email updates are not posted online; you must be in our database to receive them. We generally do not send the informal updates to out-of-province or international media, unless otherwise requested. Sell-outs updated daily, or as they happen, on the Festival at a Glance.

Media Database Additions
To be added to the VanWineFest media database, please send an email (info below) with ADD in the subject line. In the body of the email, you must include your name, media organization and its web address (or, if freelance, a short list of media where your stories have appeared) and your role. Please also include your preferred postal address, your email address and daytime phone number. Sorry, but we cannot add non-media to this database. Please note that being in the database does not automatically accredit you to attend the festival; you must apply separately for media accreditation. Media accreditation notice will go out 6 weeks prior to Festival.

Media Contact
For more information about the Vancouver International Wine Festival, please contact Media Liaison:

Nicola Humphrey

T: 778-885-6683  


The 2014 Vancouver International Wine Festival Tasting Room.
Photo Credit:
2014 Dave Niddrie

There isn't a better-organized, more in-depth wine festival in Canada...
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